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Inna Bolund
Oil on canvas
50cm x 60cm

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Inna Bolund is a self-taught artist, she graduated from the department of Philology in Polotsk University. She has been creating art since childhood. She started signing her paintings under the name of Maler from the age of 10, which she thought was cool at the time.

Bolund works is mainly inspired by love, hope and dreams, which she depicts in realism and abstract form. Bolund expresses her emotions and communicates through her works. Despite her linguistics background, she rather communicate through painting.

Bolund is drawn to the different tonality melanin offers, especially in dark skinned people. When she paints, she feels a burst of colour, emotion and sincerity.

Bolund has been on a long journey and has wanted to give up on her artist path, as her parents and everyone else felt she was wasting her time. Her works have been exhibited in Belarus and Russia. JonaQuestArt is proud to show the works of Bolund in the UK.

Bolund was born in 1985. She lives and works in Brest, Belarus.

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