J. Suyi is a London Based emerging abstract artist of British & Nigerian heritage. Her chosen medium is mixed materials allowing her to feel in control without setting limits. Her creations stems from her emotions, instincts and quests to find answers to deeper philosophical questions about humanity and existence. She intuitively improvises with bright colours and metallic pigments, creating audacious abstracts. For J Suyi, painting also comes from a place of passion, and we extrapolate from her works true joie de vivre.

In her creations, she uses vibrant colours and textures to depict her sense of urgency, calm & resolution. Her keen artistic sensibilities and sharp intellectual observations of the world and her identity were thus developed and challenged from the youngest age and helped shape her unique personality and sense of independence.

Self-taught, she prefers to blend, bleed and boldly use mixed media, relinquishing control in favour of expression. J Suyi feels a near out-of-body experience when she creates, akin to flying over undiscovered landscapes, and her oeuvre luxuriates her artistic acumen and generosity

Cerebral as well as visionary, J Suyi is a natural academic. She successfully completed multiple degrees at Bachelors and Masters level and professional qualifications in the IT and Financial Services industries, which led to her advancing in her corporate career. But the call to create and take risks to be more authentically herself compelled J Suyi to start painting.

Suyi has an intuitive response to external stimuli and uses colour like a dancer blending, bleeding, running movements, swirls, quick turns and chance. Her abstracts create a feeling of travelling, surveying with an aerial view into territory that subconsciously vibrates, sometimes with seismic shifts within the artist’s own soul.

J Suyi’s works have been collected privately by many in the U.K and internationally.