Daniel Meakin is a successful artist who has been creating and selling paintings internationally for almost 30 years.

Daniel grew up in Saddleworth, a rural area in Greater Manchester. He began painting at 15 years old, experimenting with collage, sculpture and ceramics, but his main interest has always been in painting. He went to art school at the age of 17 and there experimented in graphic design, fashion, and life drawing. He has a Bachelors Honours Degree in Fine Art and a Masters Degree in European Fine Art.

Since graduating from his Masters Degree, he has been living in Barcelona, exhibiting his paintings in local galleries and alternative art spaces. In addition to his own creative work he has curated exhibitions in a local art gallery, scouting international artists to exhibit in collective and individual exhibitions. He now creates and sells his art through commissions locally and internationally, and through exhibitions in Paris, Miami, San Francisco, and the UK.

When not painting, he enjoys travelling, hiking, and socialising with friends, who are based all over the world.

The artists that have inspired him the most as those such as Robert Rauschenberg and Antonio Tàpies for their use of different textures and collage, and painters such as Friedensreich Hundertwasser and David Hockney for their use of colour and form.  Like Rauschenberg, Daniel loves to upcycle objects and thrown away furniture that can often be seen around Barcelona. The materials he uses depict which medium he uses, whether paint, pastel, ink or spray paint.

Daniel used to live in Barcelona, but now works out of his studio in North Wales which he finds inspiring in a completely different way to Barcelona. It is more tranquil and peaceful. The rural coastal setting contrasts with the chaos and diversity of Barcelona.

Daniel has sold paintings at Fine Art Auction Houses, including Bonhams and Art Fairs in the UK, as well as his regular commissions. In the US he has sold paintings to individual clients and companies such as J.P.Morgan for more than 20 years.