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JonaQuestArt is an international contemporary gallery which open its doors in 2016 in Greenwich London. JonaQuestArt is on a quest to showcase and promote the work of undiscovered, emerging and established international contemporary artists from around the world celebrating culture and colour, with the aim to make art less intimidating, more accessible for its value and enjoyment from both a conscious and subconscious level.

Created by British Nigerian Jennifer,  a consultant, curator and artist who dreamt of escaping the corporate world to follow her creative bliss, our owner passionately paints, travels the world seeking out new talents, contemporary designs and lost traditions, and brings them to the heart of London and also works with local artists in the U.K. JonaQuestArt has come to be known for its diverse collection of works, spanning different cultures, mediums, themes and sizes.

High on the agenda at JonaQuestArt are bright, bold and engaging, artworks with vibrant colours that are forward-thinking, philosophical, promote a trans-generational and trans-cultural discourse and empower minorities such as female artists and artists from minority groups.

“To move to the future, we exalt the past… making art accessible for everyone. By joining the dots of diversity through a larger picture of creativity, we portray our global interconnectivity.” JonaQuestArt 2018

JonaQuestArt is now operating online, participates in art fairs and shows in the UK, Europe, and the U.S.