Water is a Human Right

We love to share with you what we get up to behind the scenes of running our gallery.  Our recent travels, involved visiting the The Millerntor Gallery,  an annual art, music and cultural festival held in the Millerntor Stadium in Hamburg.

This year the festival champions “Water is a Human Right”  under the theme  Water is a resource as well as an interconnecting element that can be used as a symbol to establish a transnational solidarity with no origin and mercilessness to all inhabitants of the globe. Under this theme, different genres of art came  together during four day of festival to interpret this year’s theme in an individual way.


Since 2015, Viva con Agua has been working  to improve the basic sanitation of people in the north of Mozambique. For the first time, we are supporting this project with this year’s MILLERNTOR GALLERY in order to facilitate further water supply systems and hygiene training.

Artists from all over the world, exhibited their creative works, where in some cases all proceeds went to support this cause.

We love it when art can be used for good causes as well, which is why we hold some art auctions and donate a % of the sales proceeds to a  charity.   Click here to see the pieces in our upcoming auction and you are welcome to make an offer via jonaquest@jonaquestart.com and we will make a donation to a charity of your choice.

Here are some highlights from The Millerntor Gallery.

During our visit to Hamburg, we stayed at the 5 star Side Design Hotel located in the shopping district of Hamburg and one train stop to  Millerntor Stadium. There cocktails are too die for and their risotto is a must.

I leave you with one of my favourite works from the event.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your summer holidays.




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