After an enticing walk down Josephine Avenue in Birxton on the 2nd day of the Urban Art Fair, I arrived at the Street Art district, where the Street Artists were still in their element creating their craft.

This was my second time at the Urban Art Fair and in my opinion, the street artists this year stepped it up a notch. They created a diverse range of styles, incorporating thought provoking elements and not limiting their creativity to just aesthetics.




The Street Art area was organised by  they created works on nine White Walls. Positive Arts is a Graffiti/Street Art company in the UK, with empowering and inspiring people at the centre of its philosophy. Since 1988, Positive Arts have created unique educational programmes and participated in engaging creative projects, workshops and programmes. They also work towards eliminating the negative public perception people might still have about Graffiti and Street Art.


The nine walls produced during the weekend will be moved down to Brixton Square to be displayed in the following two weeks after the Urban Art Fair. This will then be exhibited in Brixton Square during the following week.


Here are the amazing works enjoyed during my visit.

This is one of my favourite pieces, I love the 3 dimensional and glittery effect. I can’t make out the letters though. Can you?


This piece to me, is thought provoking and aesthetically pleasing. What thoughts come to your mind when you look at this street art.


And the rest for your enjoyment…


image  imageimage image image   imageimageimage image

I leave you with a couple of works from the Street Art Area of the Urban Art Fair in 2014.




Did you see the Street Art element of the Urban Art Fair? What was your favorite bit? Please comment and share.


Click here   for my post on the artistic delights discovered at the fair.


The Urban Art Fair took place on the 11th & 12th July 2015. See you in 2016.

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