I was first made aware of the works of Ndidi Emefiele by my sister in laws sister, who works in an African Contemporary Art Gallery. During our discussion on the growth of Contemporary African Art, she introduced me to the unique works of Emefiele and suggested she is an artist to watch and one to have from an investment perspective, as she is on the rise.

Ever since, I have been monitoring the works and progress of Emefiele. Her paintings have been represented in auction houses, major art fairs and galleries in Europe, America and Africa. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Her works shows the variation of styles in Contemporary African Art and shows that other genre of art exists from Africa, other than tribal and primitive art rooted in the cultural context, which is often associated with African art when these two words are used in the same sentence.

I must say, when I was first shown Emefiele’s works it was not love at first sight, but it provoked a reaction. I could not forget the signature portraits of the female form wearing sun glasses. These images became imprinted on my brain and ever since Emeifiele has been one of the artists at the forefront of my mind and her work has grown on me. I am yet to see Emefiele’s works in the flesh, but I am sure it will equally be impressive. I look forward to the opportunity one day, to feel and engage with her stunning works of art.


Photo Credit:  Ndidi Emefiele Fine Art

In an article by Agnes & Lola, Emefiele expressed her ambition to combine art and fashion by creating wearable art, which I feel  is becoming more of a cool trend. I look forward to see more creativity from Ndidi Emefiele, a remarkable artist of her generation.

Ndidi Emefiele, born in 1987, is a talented award winning mixed-media artist from Nigeria who started painting from a young age. She is influenced by the works of Frida Kahlo and Nike Davies-Okundaye, founder of Nike Arts, who I’ve featured in other interesting blog posts.

Emefiele uses a varied range of material, style and technique in her works. She graduated from Delta State University Nigeria in 2007 with a Bachelors of Arts degree in painting and is currently furthering her academic pursuit on a Master’s Degree in Fine Art programme at the Slade’s school of Art.

Here is a selection of Emefiele ‘s work for you to enjoy, be inspired and add to your collection.


 Photo Credit:  Ndidi Emefiele Fine Art

 For more information and to see more of Ndidi Emefiele’s talent visit her website.

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