I really like it when I stumble across things without planning for it to happen. Happenstance is the word I’m looking for:) I was leaving an art event in Klosterstr Berlin and I noticed some art works in an unusual space that looked like the foyer of an office, which I later found out was the Water Gallery.

All the information displayed was in German, but I was attracted by the works I could see through the glass walls and I had to go in. To my amazement it was an art exhibition, showing the unique works of Angela Kaiser who was busy telling people about her technique and style in German. I listened in, not that I understand German, but I could pick up a few words that were similar to English.

Angela finally came my way and she started to explain her work in German to me, luckily for me there was an American who did the German to English translation.

Here is my favourite from the exhibition. The light projected on the works brought the art alive, as the colours changed with the reflection of the light.

Angela Kaiser has been an artist all her life. She studied Design and worked in an advertising agency but she later returned to her true passion of creating art. She discovered her unique technique of using natural sand from around the world, volcanic stones, materials from nature and paint in her art work during meditation. In her artistic creations, you can see an extraordinary evidence of her expressiveness and emotions through the landscapes, mystical motifs, 3 dimensional objects, and celestial energies depicted in her unique works.


Her technique popularly described as Sand Painting  falls into the Fixed Sand Painting category. Another type of sand painting, which involves using sand called un fixed painting is used in rituals prepared for religious or healing ceremonies by Native Americans,Tibetan and Buddhist monks,Australian Aborigines, and also by Latin Americans on certain Christian holy days in.

Here are some more of her gorgeous works. Her works from her energy collection are my favourite. I could feel the energy emitting from the works and the raised surface and texture brought me close to nature. I felt a connection with the universe and the colours had a soothing effect. Angela creates sketches and are often done in a meditative state, before they are implemented in sand and acrylic.

Here is a collection from her mysticism creations, where she explores the notion of Everything is alive and everything is connected.

Some of her gorgeous works from her landscape collection

Photo Credit: Angela Kaiser


You can see more of Angela Kaiser works on her website. She also offers Weekend courses in her unique technique at her studio, where you can also see, touch and feel more of her innovative creations at Hüsung 8, 12359 Berlin. I hope to visit her studio soon and maybe even exhibit her work in the UK. Watch this space.

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