Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret
Melanie Poulina
Acrylic on Linen
54 cm x 74 cm

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Netherlands-based contemporary self-taught artist Melanie Poulina grew up in an artistic household. There was always room to express her own creativity. Her passion for painting and drawing started at a very early age.

She developed her own style over the years and works with acrylic paint on linen. Sometimes with a combination of mixed media.

A mix of different styles are used together to create the unique and unusual into an otherworldly scene. A lot of vibrant colours, abstract forms and she adds realistic and surrealistic components to create her own reality.

Inspired by the unknown and mysteries of life and is fascinated by the way colours work together to evoke emotion and mood. She is a lover of the abstract and surreal that bend imagination that leaves you thinking. She can’t work without music it influences her very much in the process to create her paintings. She has also a fascination for faces which you can find back in her powerful portraits.

She believes that everything is connected in our life by energy and want to capture this connection and energy trough her artwork. Her paintings share her own story which can be interpreted differently by everyone.


–The power of your own imagination to create your own reality–

Melanie Poulina

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