The female rendition of Origines. To make memories of moments when we stand back up, and thank the forces that guide and support us (Friends, Family, Faith…)


Marie Lizee

Acrylic on wood

75 x 100 cm

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Passionate about all artforms, Marie Lizee likes to make the link between different disciplines, different universes.

The themes she is most interested in are the following: nature (vegetal and human), movement (inside and outside) and the desire to live.

Marie Lizee believes that through our gestures, our attitudes, our postures; our body speaks, it expresses itself.

With the decomposition of movement, Marie Lizee wants to on the one hand value this language and, on the other hand, create new spaces.

She started her research with dancers. Afterwards, it was widened to musicians and all forms of movements: breathing, walking…


Artists who inspire Marie Lizee: Georges Braques, Frida Kahlo, Tim Burton, Clive Head, Alfred Stieglitz, Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier Bresson, Kandinski, Auguste Rodin…

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