Clement untitled #2

Unframed oil on canvas Contemporary Abstract Art painting:

Title:  Clement untitled #2

Artist: Clement Nwafor

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 72cm x 98cm

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Clement Nwafor is a self taught artist from the eastern part of Nigieria. He has been involved in creating artworks since childhood and has been practising ever since.


Nwafor started off as a sculptor, but wanted to make a transition to painting, he was initially intimidated by colours and confused by the different tones. Nwafor felt he had to go to college to study arts before he could become a Painter. It was through an encounter with Oswald Uruakpa, who told him there is an artist in everyone that gave him the courage to start painting,  experimenting with colours and alternative materials, which he has now mastered.


His work focuses on abstract and realism with an infusion of traditional and urban life in Africa.


Nwafor was the winner of the 5th National Visual Art Competition in Nigeria in 2014. We sold all of Nwafor’s works in our previous exhibitions and we are delighted to show some of his current pieces here at JonaQuestArt.


Nwafor’s work exist in private collections in the UK and is  shown in the US by other gallery representations.


He lives and works in Abuja Nigeria.

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