Beholder’s Beauty

In a tree, there are leaves that are lush green, leaves that are dry by aging and some, torn apart by the strong winds that it has faced. There are branches that are healthy and branches that are crooked or broken due to the weight it had bore. Nothing is perfect and nothing will ever be in the eyes of all beholders but, if beauty is what you still see, you have grown beautifully!

Beholder’s Beauty

Jairam Sekar

Framed limited edition photography

Fujifilm Pearl paper 300 gsm

Epson pigment ink

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Jairam Sekar was born in a small village called Thinnapatti, in Tamil Nadu, a region in the south of India famous for its historic temples, hilly landscapes, luxuriant vegetation and free wildlife.

He started travelling throughout his home country with his parents and elder brother from a young age. It was on one such trip that Jairam took his very first picture, on his father’s mobile phone. Aware of his fondness for photography since he was only 7 years old, he pursued this experimentation, teaching himself the art of taking photos.

The urge to travel brought Jairam to Europe, where he is currently studying towards an MBA in International Business here in London. Before that, he successfully completed B. Sc and M. Sc degrees in Microbiology. Making the most of his time here, at every opportunity, Jairam grabs his camera and captures the beauty he sees.

A keen observer, Jairam recognises the spiritual solace he feels in nature. Respectful of the pleasure and influence nature inspires, he invites his viewers to reconnect with nature through his photography, to look closer or from a different perspective, to be open to appreciate the joys nature can give us all.

At only 23 years old, we are proud to support Jairam Sekar’s first ever gallery exhibition, an intelligent and conscientious artist brimming with generosity, passion and drive.

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