10 07, 2018

Hidden Realities Art Exhibition

 JonaQuestArt Presents Hidden Realities  Art Exhibition   Join Us at the Opening Night Thu 2nd August 6 - 9pm Click here for FREE admission or RSVP to jonaquest@jonaquestart.com Exhibition continues until Tue 28th August 7pm At: JonaQuestArt. 36 Greenwich Church St. Greenwich. London. SE10 9BL Come and socialise, enjoy art, nibbles and music over a

23 05, 2018

Dreamscapes of the Mind

  JonaQuestArt Presents Dreamscapes of the Mind  Celebrate life, celebrate love, celebrate laughter, celebrate the moment, celebrate your journey.  These four artists do so in glorious technicolour using different media to create dreamscapes of the mind where they express their inner world through themes of love, nature and their healing journeys of self discovery.  We  bring

25 04, 2018

Future Horizons: An all female Art Exhibition

  JonaQuestArt Presents Future Horizons Art Exhibition   An all-female 'tour-de-force' troupe of artistic consciousness from 5 transglobal emerging artists Lee Panizza(Australia), Beate Munch (Germany),  J. Suyi (British Nigerian) Jacquemet Armandine (France), Perla Mignanelli (Italy) These 'sisters' of abstract and semi-surreal portrait art take you on their inner journey to that special place within themselves that is peaceful and calm, yet full of turmoil and flux,