A big thank you, to all that visited my First Pop Up Gallery event, which was a success. Thanks to friends and family that made the event a reality. The process of organising and celebrating the works of the 10 artists exhibited was rewarding in itself. People from all walks of life popping in and appreciating the unique paintings and drawings on show was one of the highlight of the event for me.


There was a good number of sales and visitors enjoying drinks and nibbles during the launch event on an unusually warm sunny Sunday in October. The last day of the pop up event, which was also a Sunday saw a good number of artworks flying out the door, which was a delight. Everyone that visited had one or two favourites from the exhibition.

A factor that also contributed to the success of the event, was the location of the space and  the foot traffic heading to Greenwich Market, Greenwich Mean Time,  the famous for City Sarks and the stunning Royal Greenwich Park. There was interest in a number of artworks from tourists that live in Australia and Germany which was very exciting.

I am looking forward to organising my next popup event. These exhibitions are created out of my passion of exploring Africa through arts and showcasing the works of undiscovered artists who primarily live and work the Sub Sahara on a different platform.

My current goal is to broaden the horizons of the public and change the perception of African Art, which in some cases may still be viewed by some, as traditional artefacts in form of masks and sculptures. Through the JonaQuestArt Collection, I will be showing the diverse people, societies, lifestyles, in Africa, with its unique visual culture and artistic inspiration through art.


To support artists and their sustainability, majority of the artworks are bought at fair prices. This means that artists do not have to wait for their work to be sold before they get an income. My aim is to develop relationships with artists and provide them with repeat business once  their works are sold and appreciated by the public, which can be achieved through your support and your purchases.

The Popup Art Gallery event took place in at PopUp Space near Greenwich Market at 36 Greenwich Church Street. Greenwich. London. SE10 9BL from 11th – 18 Oct. If you missed it, please visit our online Shop or sign up for our newsletters to find out where the next exhibition will be taking place.

Thank you once again for your support and encouragement.