Art Exhibition

Featuring the works of

Cecile Boland,

LaVon Eugene Calhoun and

Ewa Martens

      This November come admire our curated collection of audacious abstract and surrealist art at JonaQuestArt, the most unique and vibrant contemporary art gallery in Greenwich!

1st – 28th Nov

11am – 7pm Daily

Have you ever felt the urge to drop everything and start on a new path? Have you ever wanted to free yourself and celebrate life by embarking on a different quest?
These 3 international artists bare their souls and reveal their stories of transition and passion on canvas. Immerse yourself in their spiritual worlds, testimonies to their stories.

Cecile Boland, from France is a self-taught artist ‘obsessed’ with creative techniques and mediums. Also an accomplished wood-worker , Cecile embraces texture and volume.

LaVon Eugene Calhoun, from the U.S is a self-taught abstract and surrealist painter who communicates his deep compassion for his subjects through joyful colourful vibrancy.

Ewa Martens, from Germany is an art school valedictorian who creates spontaneous and intuitive mixed media abstracts that come together in beautiful harmony.

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