Witness to a Legacy (Shahida)

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Witness to a Legacy (Shahida)
Artist: Ian Barrington
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 90cm x 70cm

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Ian Barrington is an accomplished artist, born and based in South-East England. Barrington graduated with a BA hons Fine Art from the University of Westminster late in his career after some years caring for his young family.



Having worked extensively in the visual arts and design since the early 1990s. He now divides his time as Artist, Designer, Agent/ Gallerist and Mentor working with and representing artists based globally within the Visual and Live Arts, a long term amateur Poi performer and is Honorary Director working with an Art Foundation in India.
Barrington is a lifelong student of culture, languages and demographics; his current practice is derived from learning his family history which has taken him to Greece, Scotland and Africa; His studies in Anthropology, explores cultures, ideologies of beauty in addition enhancing the visual environment with strong influences of fabrics and attire from Africa, Pan Asian, the Middle East, Eastern European and into the Americas.
This series of work titled ‘Ashanti’s Children’ is influenced by religion, culture, nations and head dress. Traditional head dress highlighted in this exhibition identifies clans and tribes. As many global traditions of attire transform to the current uniform, much of our beautiful history and culture falls with it, which poses the question. Are we losing ourselves or joining as one? The Kente cloth from Ghana is an example, which is worn by the Akan tribe, symbolic, in times of importance, and has further evolved over the years, adopted by many other west African countries through many designers across the Sub-Saharan continent with an array of organic and structural traditional and contemporary designs, but has its origins rooted in Ashanti.
Working from his studio, now in Kent, UK; Barrington has exhibited widely across the UK, and internationally including India, Dubai, UNESCO World Heritage Site Casa Batllo, Barcelona and has works in private and gallery collections internationally.
Barrington’s recent exhibitions and events in 2016 includes A Celebration of African Queens Exhibition with Jonaquestart, Streatham Festival in London,  Post Contemporary Wave, 2 & 3 in India. Visions of Nature. Chelsea Fringe Festival, London. Transitions, Menier Gallery, London. Barrington was nominated as Runner up in Dubai Art Prize in 2012.

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