Celia Carr
Acrylic on Canvas
40 cm x 40 cm


Celia Carr is a Louisiana native with a diverse cultural background. Growing up included Friday night Cajun family get-togethers on south Louisiana bayous to Sunday afternoon matinees at the opera or ballet.  It was a blend of rural and city, zydeco and classical music, farming communities and corporate offices.

From an early age, Celia displayed strong aptitude for drawing and creativity – seeing everyday objects as art mediums. Throughout her life, she has studied and experimented with different art forms, from fine French sewing to creating intricate stained-glass compositions.  However, painting is her passion.  Her experience with other forms of art has greatly influenced her current work.  Celia’s work is inviting, passionate, and relatable.

Celia strongly believes that it is experiences that connect people.  Her art is a reflection of the full spectrum of her personal experiences and perceptions.  Every person goes through joy as well as grief, love and hate, boredom and intrigue. This is her life view. Celia’s motto is “always embrace the experience”.  It is her hope that you feel a connection when viewing her work.

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