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Unframed Acrylic on canvas painting

Title:  Vision

Artist: Ishimwe Bertrand

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 61cm x 98cm

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Ishimwe Bertrand is a 20 year old self-taught artist, designer and social entrepreneur, born to a humble family in Kigali- Rwanda. Bertrand’s art journey started as a child, where he drew sketches and tried to replicate images of famous footballers. He formally started painting in year one of secondary school.


Bertrand’s parents were a bit concerned with the amount of time he dedicated to drawing, as they were of the opinion that it will affect his academic performance. This did not deter Bertrand from the arts, he started visiting art studios to learn how to mix colours and learn from more experienced artist. He proved his parents wrong and kept on practicing and he did extremely well in his academic performance.


Initially Bertrand was painting as a hobby because he loved the creative process. However, his parents could not afford his fees and he was going to be pulled out of school, he then realised he may be able to sell his art to pay his own school fees. Bertrand was only 13 when he sold his first painting and he has been selling his works continuously ever since. His works exist in private collections in Europe, U.S and Africa.


Bertrand continued with his practice and improved his techniques and started realism, abstract and semi realism, sculptures and other forms of arts and design. This includes unique clutch bags and slippers made from abstract paintings on canvas which he then deconstructs into wearable art, which are available in the JonquestArt Collection. The work exhibited here titled ‘Vision’ was inspired by the Rwanda’s vison 2020 development programme. In this piece, Bertrand depicts people working together to achieve a common goal for the development of the country.


Bertrand believes in giving back to his community and runs a vocational programme  teaching women, particularly single mothers how to sew and create hand crafts. His objective is to provide men and women with resources and training so that they can engage in income generating activities and become self-sufficient. Through a number of initiatives and his art, Bertrand also raises money to send under privileged kids to school.


Bertrand lives and works in Kigali, Rwanda. In addition to his artistic skills, he hopes to become a civil engineer, so that he can contribute to the advancement of his country.

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