Victoria Park


Victoria Park
Victoria Kovalenko
Oil on Canvas
60cm x 80cm


Victoria Kovalenko (b. Siberia, Russia) graduated in MA Photography from the Sir John Cass London Metropolitan University in 2010 and in BA Art Criticism from the Krasnoyarsk State University in 2004. Her photographs, cut-outs and paintings have been featured in numerous exhibitions in London and abroad. She currently lives and works in London.

Kovalenko sees her works as visual poems. Both abstract and figurative. They are products of observation. Anything can trigger a wish to create a depiction. When she produces she becomes the subject shes interested in.

She admires lucid boundaries and tries to avoid symbiosis. Delineated shapes is her main means of expression. She devotes a great deal of time working on a colour palette and on a preferably harmonious composition. Balance of elements plays an important role.

she admires and follows Bauhaus, Surrealism, Fauvism and Pop Art are the movements.

Being raised in Siberia and living in England for the last 9 years she welcomes vivid colours into my practice.

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