Nayomi Dharmatileke
Acrylic on Canvas
59  cm x 79 cm


Nayomi is an artist based in London. Born and raised in Denmark, but of Sri Lankan origin, frequent travel to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka from an early age influenced her use of colour and love for nature, in all its forms. Later, her work evolved to focus on women’s representation in nature and the innate relationship she feels women have with our natural world in terms of their beauty, gentleness and fragility, weathered by their strength, resilience and their capacity to rise from adversity with grace.

Her work in international development has taken her deeper into this notion, observing women and their perceived roles in countries in Africa and Asia, but more importantly the way in which women carry themselves became a passionate observation. Exploring the female form through her own passion for dance and the way women express themselves through the shaping and draping of fabric across the world.

Nayomi journeyed further to pay tribute to women, weaving them deep into some of her paintings. ‘Society can sometimes be quite hard on women and in turn women can be hard on each other but more so themselves. We are often seen as beautiful OR strong, but I will always challenge this… beauty and strength are intertwined in every woman and like nature, if you let them be who they are meant to be.. there is a wonderful and calming power within that which can offer so much to the way we live’.

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