The Jazz Messengers

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The Jazz messengers
Raphael Sagage
Acrylic on Canvas
50cm x 40cm





Raphael Sagage began painting at the age of seven in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  His source of inspiration has always been the objects of everyday life and the natural world that surrounds him, fascinated by their colours, patterns, shapes and textures. Rather than paint exactly what he sees, Raphael prefers to let his response to his surroundings be guided by his paintbrush.

This vision is reflected in his impressionistic paintings, which include experimental techniques combined with more traditional application of media. He often includes cubist characteristics,  putting his work into a broader spectrum of style and media from cubism to realism into his expressionistic style and his consider a forerunner in abstract realism

Raphael’s paintings has been featured in many group and solo exhibitions, in the Caribbean, USA and Europe and his work is well represented in in both private and corporate collections.

Notable collectors included former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, Gladys Knight, Ted Turner to name a few, and a array of international and local supporters

He has served as professor of Fine Arts at National School of Arts, Haiti.  He also received numerous recognition and reviews from the united Nations -1990; Christie’s and Sotheby’s, New York – 1994; and a proclamation from the City Of Atlanta in 1995

He continues to share his talent and philosophy with other people, encouraging them to realise the importance of art in his various form

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