Ma vie en bleu


Ma vie en bleu
Jacquemet Armandine
Acrylic on canvas
50 cm x 50 cm

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She paints in an illustrative, stylised fashion. Soft, dreamy portraits of wide-eyed feminine women reoccur surrounded by ladybirds, butterflies & birds are inextricably intertwined by strands of hair made of leaves and tendrils of plants. Nature has turned to nurture. Through the use of an autumnal, muted colour palette the subjects of the artist herself, friends and commissions belie a peace & simplicity that doesn’t always exist in real life. The subjects of these portraits enjoy their introspection and live in the moment. They don’t feel threatened by the viewer’s gaze but stare curiously with soul-full eyes. They are used to being the focus of attention but they are secure in themselves and neither overindulge in ego, nor shy away from it. Representing all women with essences of different physical traits they come together to create a signature style. Beautifully drawn in pencil & acrylic, these soft-focus ‘elfin’ figures pay homage to the artist’s love of 1960’s fashion and hairstyles and allow the artist to concentrate on the gentler aspects of human nature, thereby accessing those qualities in herself.

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