Luminous Creation


Luminous creation
Samaira Ali
Acrylic on canvas
60 cm x 80 cm

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Samaira Ali was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and has Pakistani heritage. She has studied Italian and History of Art at Copenhagen University.
In 2011 she decided to moved to London with my family.

With the benefit of an intercultural background, she has defined ways in which to combine different styles of art, creating new aesthetics, and new forms of expression that lead the viewer to reflect and consider art in new and diverse ways. She constantly seeks to expand her understanding of art in ways that go beyond just the aesthetic aspect. She strives to create works that invite reflection and dialogue.

Some of her paintings represent a juxtaposition of Calligraphy and Western Art forms – in an effort to challenge the audience’s understanding of artistic and cultural categorization, thereby introducing new ways of appreciating intercultural art.

She loves working with bold colours. According to her thinking ” the bright colours generate a radiant energy and positively affect the mood off the viewer “.

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