Hidden Depth


   Hidden Depth
Natasha Nwaegbe
Framed Acrylic, Mixed Media
39cm x 39cm


Natasha Simone Nwaegbe is a 20 years old self-taught mixed media artist. She studied textiles at college, where she learnt about yarn wraps. She has spent the last two and half years developing her own style of art through experimentation and a love of creation.

Natasha has both African and Irish heritage, which may inform her work subconsciously. Her work brings her an escape where she can let her imagination flow into art. Natasha works with textile materials as well as things found in nature to create interesting textures that draw you in. She finds inspiration from nature, colour and feeling; both raw and the senses whichcome with a place.

Her works on show are part of her ongoing collection: Depth of Texture’ which explores the unique visual effects that combining materials creates

Natasha lives and works in Surrey U.K.

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