Acrylic on Canvas
108cm x 79cm

Price: £ 1995

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Guilaine’s work varies between a combination of figurative, abstract, realism and surrealism.
The impact of her Caribbean origin, her deep routed spirituality and her fight for black women’s empowerment can be deeply felt through out her body of work.

The characters depicted in her paintings, all set with vivid colours and lost in tentacular forms, seem alive and in direct conversation with the viewers. Her work explores the concept of cultural identity of black women in our society, analysed from a social science stand point, demystifying an everlasting distorted image. Sometimes observation and drawing are part of the creative process, while other times she just listen to her overwhelming feelings and set herself for a direct conversation with the canvas.

Her art speaks to emotion as well as to reason Guilaine, a self-taught artist, has developed through  those years her personal artistic style. Most of the time she uses acrylic    due to its versatility. Her representation of female characters, comes for the most   from her own imagination.  Her art speaks to emotion as well as to reason.

Guilaine describes her work as the art of the soul.

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