Fadilah 2

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Fadilah 2



She wonders why she walks by and sees one too many girls shake their heads, often with looks of pity.



Once she was asked “… But are you not hot? And how do you live in the shadow of your brother? Do you even have a life?” Rude much?



The misinformed feminist dialogue leaves a sour taste in her mouth.  She loves the hijabs and silk jalabiyas and doesn’t feel stifled.



It appears modesty is not acceptable?



Artist: Stacey Okparavero

Medium: Metal Foil Relief on Wood

Size: 73cm x 57cm

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Stacey Okparavero graduated from the University of Lagos Nigeria, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting. Her undergraduate program gave her the opportunity to explore her desire to show artistry at its best through her artistic practice. She progressed further with her academic pursuit and graduated from the University of Warwick, UK and Institut d’Etudes Superieure des Arts in Paris in the history and business of the contemporary art market. Working with the African Artists Foundation (AAF) Gallery in Lagos, deepened her knowledge on artistic practice with various media, while enabling her to interact with other artists to further her growth.



Okparavero is passionate about creating art that transcends cultural boundaries; that will be relevant through time, while captivating a diverse audience. she believes art goes beyond its intrinsic value and can foster change in our generation by integrating creative content that questions society’s excesses and potentially raises awareness to facilitate change. Her goal is to enlighten the viewer, and engage them in a concept that takes form from the combination of styles developed through oeuvre, and new trajectories she intends to explore.



The Woman Wonder series presented in this exhibition explores issues that resonate with many women living in a patriarchal society that trivializes their feelings and basic rights. From the roles established by society, to the pressure mounted through social conditioning, the collection addresses some of these struggles and the beauty that manifests regardless. The medium chosen is experimental and deliberate. The subject is delicate and contrasts the production process, which is arduous. This references the strength and resilience of a woman beneath the delicate outer layer, and the complexities that evolve from the tension between being a woman and society’s idea of what a woman should be. The mind of a woman remains a mystery as old at time often buried in a demure smile.



Okparavero showed at the Suba Biennale in the prestigious Centre International de Conférences Abdou Diouf (CICAD) with artists such as Ousmane Mbaye, Marc Montaret, Delphine Diallo and Loza Maleombho at the 2016 Dakar Bienniale in Senegal.



Stacey Okparavero lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.

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