Ceret 2


Ceret 2
James Jolly
Acrylic on canvas
40 cm x 30 cm

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I was ashamed of what I wrote about my art, thinking that it lacked a message and was imposing one upon it. That with all the social, political and environmental unrest I felt, still could not direct that message into my art.

It felt like if i had to use words as a visual artist i had failed. For me art was about colourful expressions of beauty. It took me some time to realise that I was wrong, there was no eureka moment it just happened gradually. I realised beauty held its own value within art,


For me art is a discipline of the heart, being that my work is abstract many people ask me how to relate to it. I would like people to lose themselves in my paintings, even if just for a moment, drop everything, be unbound, free, where the edges of my imagination and theirs meet.. Often feeling like ones having to sprint to keep up, worried the world will pass us by. I want to remind people of a world without these pressures.

A self-taught painter with over a decade of experience who has exhibited in galleries and other venues including Kings Cross St Pancras church, 93 Feet East, Cass art, Art Fix in Soho and most recently The Brick Lane Gallery. He is also the face of Lenovo’s Instagram advertising the yoga book.

There is a dualism within Jolly’s work; his studio work, in which space is captured in spontaneous elemental expression of emotion.  Using colour and emotion to capture ideas, his live work where he captures sound in vibrant and dynamic displays of visceral responses to a wide range of live music ranging from Classical, rock to Jazz encompassing audience, music and environment as the sources of inspiration.

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