Bronze ‘Angel’ Sculpture from Burkina Faso

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Beautiful one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture from Burkina Faso

‘Angel’ sculpture height: approx. 51.5 cm

Weight: approx 2.45 kg


Burkina Faso is synonymous with bronze casting and the creation of ingenious sculptures. This unique practise stands out among the many handicrafts of the country. Artisans capture the graceful long lines of women’s figures in these unique bronze statues. The contrast of the dark bronze with the naturally pigmented clothes gives its cultural appeal and contribute to their significant aesthetic impact.

African sculptors are skilled at using the lost wax method. This classical Burkinabé approach to working with bronze involves working the wax by hand to help the bronze achieve its final form. Every sculpture is unique: made from a wax mould, it is in its nature impossible to recreate the exact same statue twice. Each piece represents a life experience of a woman and many exude familial love.

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