Blue Baoulé Goli Kplekple Mask from Ivory Coast

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Blue Baule Goli Kplekple Mask from Ivory Coast

Material: Wood

Approx Measurements

Height: 39cm/15.5 inches
Width:  29cm/11.5 inches

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Traditionally  the Goli masks are used in Goli ceremony in Ivory Coast. They can be seen dancing during harvest festivals as well as Goli, a day-long spectacle that normally involves the whole village and includes the appearance of four pairs of masks, music played on special instruments, and, ideally, the joyous consumption of a great deal of palm wine.

Typically, the Black masks are considered masculine; red feminine and appear in pairs. Its circular shape evokes the sun whose triangular edges are the rays. The top flanked  represent the horns of antelope or buffalo is the symbol of fertility among Baoulé people.


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