Before Being Here

Before Being Here
Cécile Boland
Mixed Media On Canvas
O 80 cm




Cécile Boland was born in Bruxelles (Belgium). She grows up in a traditional family in which studying comes first.  In her twenties, she works as an actress in Bruxelles (theatre, voice over, movie shootings,…), then she moves to Paris and goes on her way, focusing more on shootings (cinema and television).

At the same time, she gets more and more obsessed with painting.  She realizes then that those thoughts have been present constantly and unconsciously for almost 10 years. Images of specified techniques, mixed materials and colours flash through her brain all the time.

In 2016, she starts painting for good and produces more than a hundred canvases that same year. She feels like she has been doing that her whole life. She hasn’t stopped since that day. Self-taught, she paints and works with her instinct. Her work reveals a genuine artistic spirit. From traditional canvas to wood work, she likes mixing techniques and materials to create movements and light.

She is now developing a 3D all new work on wood only on the basis of white monochrome. Alongside this solitary artistic work, Cecile loves working directly on public or private places. She handles tailor made projects for her clients. Her studio is in La Rochelle, where she’s been living with her family. She lives between Paris and La Rochelle and travels where her art leads her.

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