Apprehension II


Unframed Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Title: Apprehension #2
Artist: Baba ly (Diallo)
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size:41cm x 73cm

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Baba ly is a 62 year old self-taught artist and has developed his skill through continuous practice for over 30 years. He was born on Goree Island and has lived there all his life.


Ly has a distinctive vibrant abstract figurative style, communicating intense mixed emotions of apprehension and calmness, hope and sadness, faith and uncertainty.


To develop the pieces in the JonaQuestArt collection he drew inspiration from people  on the Island, taken by ship bound for the Americas as part of the slave trade  and the tourist that come to visit the UNESCO site on a daily basis from all over the world.


In these paintings he explores apprehension the people captured to become slaves may have experienced, as they did not know their faith on arrival in America. And tourist who do not know what to expect and in some cases how to manage their emotions as they visit the House of Slaves on Goree Island.


Baba ly lives and works on Goree Island, Dakar, Senegal.

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