Abstract I


Abstract I
Vanessa Birley
Mixed media on paper
30 cm x 42 cm


As a young girl Vanessa was moved by the grace & awe of the natural world. Witnessing a young gazelle snatched from its mother by feline jaws, left an indelible imprint in her mind. The call to communicate the fragility & beauty of life left its signature & continues to move Vanessa in her creativity.

From sitting in her room as a child drawing horses she now finds the greatest joy in painting.

Inspiration sprung from Vanessa’s travels to such places as the harsh African savannah, the swirling icy landscapes of Lapland, the familiarity of London’s Richmond Park & the breathtaking vistas of Ireland’s Connemara.

Gaining her MA from Goldsmiths, London & BFA from the Academy of Art, San Francisco, Vanessa pursued working as an art therapist & was witness to art as a transformative healing process..

Called to working directly with flowers, she trained as a floral artist & has created striking flower designs for weddings & events, as well as producing many bridal bouquet illustrations for clients.

She chose to focus on her own art making as the call to create became energised.

Her practice of yoga for the past two decades guides her through moments of grace & inspiration in her art practice.

She lives in London with her beautiful daughters & golden retriever.




2011 – MA Goldsmiths, London

1995 – BFA Academy of Art University

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