Speak Out #1


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Unframed Mixed Media on Canvas
Title: Speak Out #1
Artist:Dame Seck
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Size: 67cm x 50cm

1 in stock


Dame seck is a 32 year old self-taught artist. He graduated from secondary school and started working in an art gallery, where in learned about the different media and techniques in paintings and sculptures. After a number of years working front house, he eventually got the artistic bug to paint.


Being surrounded by artists and passionate about art, he decided to learn how to paint with the guidance of the artists he got to know in the Gallery, he developed his skills and techniqur by using different media and eventually settled for creating Mixed media works and painting with Gauche.


Sec has now been painting professionally for 7 year. His works titled “Speak out” in the JonaQuestArt collection, encourages people to speak up on matters of wrong doings in their communities.


Dame Seck lives and works in Guediawaye Dakar Senegal.

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