When I think of Street art and Graffiti art, a male artist normally comes to mind, so it was interesting to see, over 150 international female artist of all ages and races celebrating and participating in the FemmeFierceUK Reloaded 2015 , a Female Street Art festival.


Events like these are breaking down the stereotype of Street Art being a male dominated field. Women, more than ever are making their mark in this field in their own way and trying to break through any barriers. FemmeFierceUK, put on an amazing event, celebrating female street artist, with a large crowd in attendance on International Woman’s Day in Bansky Tunnel on the famous Leake Street in London. This is a designated legal area for street art. It was a fun day out, with both adults and kids in attendance.


There was music by DJ Edwardo Tech and freestyling by anyone that could sing or rap. Will the Conquer from Norwich showed us his talented rhymes, Flo Lightly, MC of the day, entertained us with her raps and singing talent on the mic, Sarah Omar serenaded the crowd with her ballads. This was very spontaneous and refreshing, as you did not know what was going to happen next, which contributed positively to the festival vibe, which I loved.

The event was not just about the aesthetics of street art and the spectacular works of talented female artist, it was also about re-enforcing and bringing awareness to a number of issues still experienced by women all over the world today and raising money for Plan UK. Plan UK currently focuses on promoting the rights of adolescent girls and responding to and preparing for disasters worldwide.

It was a great opportunity to capture the fleeing moments of these artworks, due to the impermanence nature of street art. It is most likely these amazing works will be painted over in the next couple of weeks or even days.

Here is a photo diary of the event. Enjoy. Please comment and share.

Street Art in the making with the artists applying finishing touches to their magnificent artistic creations. The first works below by Hannah Adamaszek/ HannahChloe was voted the winner of MOST SPECTACULAR PIECE of the day.

Great execution and some of the final works by the talented female street artist.


That’s it for now. Click here for more information on supporting and contributing to the ‘Because I am Girl’ campaign by Plan UK. This campaign  helps to protect girls from FGM, child marriage and other forms of violence, and to ensure that they can go to school and have their voices heard.

I leave you with some music from talented vocal artists from FemmeFierceUK Reloaded 2015. ENJOY:)



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